Method for quality identification of organic fertilizer produced by equipment


Although China’s agriculture is developing faster and faster, crops and fertilizers are inseparable. Among them, organic fertilizer is indispensable in agricultural development. People who do not know the market are easily deceived. Therefore, we will tell you in detail how to distinguish the quality of organic fertilizer.

As we all know, organic fertilizer also has a common understanding that its raw materials are agricultural straw waste and livestock and poultry waste. Through large-scale straw crushing equipment, straw crushing and livestock and poultry manure are mixed together. After high-temperature fermentation and maturation, a fertilizer is processed through organic fertilizer production line equipment. Fertilizers are rich in nutrients, but there are also good or bad factors, such as too many raw materials, too long particle size of straw crushing, etc., but there are also the following methods to identify the quality of fertilizers:

1) Take a water cup with bubble method, soak the organic fertilizer sample in water, then crush the organic fertilizer soaked in water by hand, intuitively stir the raw materials of organic fertilizer, and place for a period of time. If the organic fertilizer and water are layered in a short time, it means that the proportion of organic



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