Multi Service Platform for Free* Brand Service and Customer Care Support – lg, bluestar, RO, Waterpurifer, etc..


Buying a product is easier than maintaining it and that too when you do not get better support for the same. Secondly, products from different brands need registration at different customer/service centers. What if you get multi service platform for free brand customer care support in one place? Yes, you heard that right, there is a concept like that in the market and it’s flowing in the veins of online platform architecture.

There are some concepts that sound amazing however there is a sense of non-surety attached to it. This  multi service platform for free brand customer care support is also one of those concepts however we have changed the impossibility to “I am possible” ability. No need to worry about “who to contact?” in the case of an emergency or regular service plans, just register your product when you buy it for the first time on the portal irrespective of the brand you got it from and get the dashboard




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