Noise reduction method of organic fertilizer granulator

  1. There may be a problem with the bearing of a part of thegranulator, which makes the machine work abnormally, the working current fluctuates, and the working current is high.
  2. The annular die is blocked, or part of the die hole is separated from the material. If the annular die gets into foreign matters, the annular die will break away from the circle, the clearance between the roller and the die is too tight, the roller is worn or the roller bearing is damaged and cannot rotate, which will cause the vibration of the granulator.
  3. The alignment of the coupling is unbalanced, the height and height have deviations, thegranulatorhas vibration, and the gear shaft oil seal is easy to be damaged.
  4. The main shaft is not tightened, especially for D or E machines. The looseness of the main shaft will cause axial movement before and after the movement. The roller swings obviously, and the granulator is noisy and difficult to granulate.
  5. The wear of big gear and small gear, or the replacement of single gear, will also produce a lot of noise.
  6. The discharge of materials at the outlet of the conditioning



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