Online Shopping

  • Grants access to a wide range and selection of activewear products and styles.
  • Product comparison is easy and hassle-free enabling you to compare different styles and features at the click of a button. Customer reviews also help make tough decisions.
  • You have several payment options available, some of which give exciting discounts and cashback options. 
  • You can shop at your convenience. E-commerce is 24/7 and offers the flexibility of keeping items in the cart so you have time to make your decision. 
  • Items are delivered right to your doorstep. 
  • Because you cannot physically try the products, fit and finish can be an issue. 
  • Although return and replacement facilities are in place, the process can be inconvenient and can involve multiple steps to successfully execute. 
  • Since you can only rely on the information available, the material and fabrics could be of poor quality or may not be what you hoped for.



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