Opportunity Analysis for Generics from IEBS


Ingenious e-Brain possesses world-class experience in analyzing expiring intellectual property rights. Patents are crucial for inventors to protect their inventions and are equally crucial for competitors to innovate and develop their products once IP rights have expired. Thus, we at IEBS understand our clients’ needs to evaluate and analyze patents expiring in recent years. This research is to generate a report containing all the inventions specific to any industry expiring and going into the public domain.

Purpose of Opportunity Analysis For Generics

We understand that the expiring patent plays a vital role in the industry as the invention goes into the public domain. Knowledge of the patent expiring opens up a wealth of opportunities for our clients. It will enable a plan to utilize the protected invention for launching new products into the market. Also, this could help if the client’s patent is going to expire. We enable our client to face the most common consequences of an invention going into the public domain most effectively.

Why Ingenious for ‘Opportunity Analysis For Generics’?

We provide opportunity analysis for generics services to a broad range of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetics, skincare, etc. Our team analyzes the expiring patentsthoroughly to provide opportunities for our clients.


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