Opulent Events – Floral Designs for Luxury Wedding


A beautifully designed wedding stage or Kosha is where your wedding truly comes to life! 

From the ambient lighting to the breathtaking floral decorations, our experienced team approaches each wedding stage with fresh creativity and enthusiasm.

Our exceptional planning team utilises out of the box thinking and unique arrangement methods, meticulously planning and hand crafting the perfect seating area  to guaranteed that your Kosha is not only beautiful and stylish, but also showcases your unique style and personality. 


The floristry decorations are one of the most important elements of any wedding celebration.

The Opulent Events team understand that the small details are what makes a wedding celebration truly beautiful and memorable.

Using techniques of aesthetics, colour coordination, thematic elements and spacing, our experienced planners are skilled in designing unforgettable events with visually stunning floristry.


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