Organic fertilizer equipment can reduce the environmental pollution caused by feces


Organic fertilizer equipment reduces environmental pollution caused by feces! With the continuous development of China’s economy, people’s awareness of environmental protection is becoming stronger and stronger, and the requirements of livestock manure and urban waste for environmental protection are becoming more and more serious.

How to dispose of manure and protect the environment in organic fertilizer equipment has become one of the important issues restricting the steady and healthy development of the association. If the excrement is not treated in a centralized way, it will seriously pollute the air and water quality, and cause a very serious impact on people’s production and life. Therefore, the excrement will be treated in aquaculture to achieve clean farming and turn waste into treasure. The treated excrement is a high-quality fertilizer for producing pollution-free vegetables and green food, while significantly improving the quality of crops, reducing the content of harmful substances and heavy metals in crops, which is beneficial to human health.

Organic fertilizer equipment is specialized in the treatment of livestock and poultry excrement, which effectively reduces the pollution of livestock and poultry excrement to the environment, thus achieving the goal of environmental protection. Moreover, the organic fertilizer



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