Organic fertilizer equipment plant turns domestic sludge into green organic fertilizer


fter microbial fermentation treatment, domestic sludge can be turned into bio-organic fertilizer through the organic fertilizer production line, which is suitable for trees, flowers, lawns and used as a nursery substrate for tree containers. It has achieved good growth effects, and the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil have been improved. Thus, the resource utilization of domestic sludge is completely realized.

For the address of the domestic sludge organic fertilizer plant, the overall planning principles are as follows: the raw materials are nearby, the site transportation is convenient, the infrastructure is good, the original buildings are used as much as possible, the investment scale is reduced, the capital use efficiency is improved, and the project demonstration function is fully played. Keep away from residential areas and choose downdraft; Adjust measures to local conditions, compact layout, and try to use the abandoned land: separate the living area from the plant site to maintain environmental sanitation.

The application of bio-organic fertilizer produced by sludge can improve the soil activity and effectively repair the hardening of soil caused by long-term application of inorganic fertilizer: it is conducive to the absorption of crops and the balance of nutrients, and



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