Organic fertilizer equipment promotes planting and breeding cycle and green development of agriculture


Organic fertilizer equipment promotes planting and breeding cycle and green development of agriculture

At the initial stage of fertilizer use, it mainly depended on the good soil foundation at that time (the use of compost and compost was large in the past). With the extension of time, the organic matter in the soil was gradually consumed and could not be replenished in time, and the soil environment deteriorated, which led to today’s bad results. Soil is the foundation of agriculture, and soil health agriculture can develop steadily! It is not difficult to change the current soil problem in China. In a word, “make up the lost soil and restore its essence”.

Organic fertilizer plays an important role in promoting the planting and breeding cycle and the green development of agriculture, and organic fertilizer enterprises mainly absorb agricultural waste, which has certain environmental and public welfare properties. It is suggested that organic fertilizer enterprises should be included in agriculture and forestry for registration, management and supervision. Especially in the aspect of environmental protection supervision, organic fertilizer enterprises are allowed to transport the raw materials in a reasonable short distance under the condition that all kinds of equipment



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