Organic fertilizer granulator can improve soil organic content by processing fertilizer


 With the promotion of consumption, energy saving and consumption reduction, and the improvement of green food demand, organic fertilizer ushers in a greater development opportunity. Then the following fertilizer production line manufacturers, will also usher in a new development and innovation. Organic fertilizer equipment can help improve soil, but we are optimistic about organic fertilizer production machinery for the following reasons:

First, the price of inorganic fertilizer fluctuates, which is increasingly restricted by resources such as coal, natural gas, phosphate rock and potassium ore. Developing new type fertilizer and reducing energy consumption is one of the directions of fertilizer development in the future.
The second is the mixed use of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer. Rotary drum granulator is used to process the compound fertilizer, which makes the product quality and quality improved, and helps the downstream enterprises obtain better economic benefits.
Third, in view of the food safety problem that we are generally concerned about, organic fertilizer can supply some special organic green food bases for consumption of organic food. This market will open a big demand gap for organic fertilizer and fertilizer granulator machine price.
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