Organic fertilizer manufacturers use granulators to produce commercial organic fertilizer


Advantages of commercial organic fertilizer application

1. Complete nutrition
Commercial organic fertilizer is rich in organic matter. In terms of production technology, the rotary drum granulator can provide crops with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and various medium and trace elements by adding different nutrients into raw materials. After applying commercial organic fertilizer to crops, the quality and yield of agricultural products can be significantly improved.
2. Improve soil fertility
Through the targeted processing of fertilizer production line, commercial organic fertilizer can improve the physical and chemical properties of soil, enhance the ability of air permeability, water retention and fertilizer retention of soil, prevent soil hardening and acidification, significantly reduce the adverse effects of soil salinity on crops, enhance the ability of crop resistance to stress, disease and insect resistance, and alleviate continuous cropping obstacles.
Application quantity of commercial organic fertilizer

Amount of base fertilizer

1. Facilities of fruits and vegetables: watermelon, strawberry, pepper, tomato, cucumber, etc. the base fertilizer is 300-500kg per mu per season
2. Open field melon, vegetable, watermelon, cucumber, potato, green bean, onion and garlic, the base fertilizer is 300-400kg per mu per season. For leafy vegetables such as vegetables, the base fertilizer is



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