Organic fertilizer production line for processing pigeon manure

Pigeon dung contains certain protein, amino acids, vitamins and trace elements. Pigeon manure is processed by a complete set of organic fertilizer production line and turned into treasure.

The whole set of organic fertilizer production equipment also has a certain process in use. So what is the basic process of the whole organic fertilizer production line? For those who are new to the organic fertilizer industry, many factors need to be determined to invest in the construction of an organic fertilizer plant. First of all, how about the sales of organic fertilizer in the market? What is the development prospect of organic fertilizer industry? How much investment is needed for organic fertilizer production line? What raw materials and equipment are needed for the production of organic fertilizer, and so on, are all concerned by organic fertilizer manufacturers and investors.
Organic fertilizer raw materials come from a wide range of sources, including livestock, poultry manure, fungus spore residue, distiller’s grains and sludge, etc. After these organic wastes are fermented and decomposed by compost turning machine, they can be made into organic fertilizer raw materials. In the past, these



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