Organic fertilizer production line processes organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer


Green agriculture will promote organic fertilizer production line to process chicken manure and replace chemical fertilizer with organic fertilizer

For chicken farmers, it is a headache to deal with dirty and smelly chicken dung, while for organic fertilizer production line processing plants, chicken dung is a treasure. After the chicken manure is fermented and processed by organic fertilizer equipment, it is processed into organic fertilizer, which has become a hot commodity for growers. Now the state strongly supports organic fertilizer agriculture. For some local subsidies, chicken manure organic fertilizer production equipment processing bio-organic fertilizer entrepreneurship is the dream of many farmers. Chicken dung has been regarded by industry experts as a high-quality organic fertilizer raw material.

Organic fertilizer tipping machine equipment ferments chicken manure:

1、 Prepare faeces for fermentation. Chicken dung contains a large number of bacillus, which is aerobic fermentation bacteria. If natural breeding is adopted, the heating time will be prolonged, so it can be considered to add fermentation bacteria or use reflux to accelerate the heating speed.

2、 Construction pile of chicken dung: the height of the prepared chicken dung should not be too short and the volume should not be too small while spreading the bacteria. Requirements: the pile height should be



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