Organic fertilizer production line processing fertilizer to increase crop yield

  1. Beneficial microorganisms in the process ofbio-organic fertilizer production line play an important role

After a variety of functional microorganisms contained in bio-organic fertilizer enter the soil, they produce a large number of secondary metabolites during the growth and reproduction process, which can promote the formation of soil aggregate structure. The formation of granular structure makes the soil become loose and soft, the water and fertilizer retention performance is enhanced, the water, air and heat are more coordinated, and the soil hardening is reduced, which is conducive to water conservation, fertilizer conservation, ventilation and root development, and provides a comfortable growth environment for crops. The improvement of soil physical and chemical properties strengthens the activities of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, thus maximizing the decomposition and transformation of organic matter, producing a variety of nutrients and irritants, which in turn stimulates the growth and development of microorganisms, promotes crop growth, and ultimately achieves the goal of increasing production and income. In addition, functional microorganisms form dominant populations around the roots of crops, inhibit or antagonize the growth and reproduction of harmful pathogens, reduce the degree of crop disease, and thus increase the yield.



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