Pakistan Legalization Service


Pakistan is not under the Hague Convention, so the Pakistan apostille service is not available. Instead, The Pakistan legalization service is available. The manner concerning Pakistan document legalization varies depending on the type of file thou have.

If the record was built by your company, such should keep signed and then notarized. Example: vindication bird then organization agreement. Documents issued by your regimen need to be authenticated and then licensed through your foreign minister. For example, certificates of good reputation. Documents issued via the Confederation because used in Pakistan are equipped in conformity with remain despatched in imitation of the United States Department of State. Example: FDA, USDA, USPTO.

You execute be brought to Pakistan legation legalization through a prolonged method over authenticating your document, whether it’s a non-public document or a company document. The procedure is nearly the same, with baby modifications depending on the kind over file and the government within which the record was once issued. without difficulty offers thou with Pakistan legalization services.


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