Patent Invalidation Study


Patent Invalidation Search or Patent Invalidation Study is a comprehensive analysis of the subject patent case, which includes a detailed review of litigation/opposition documents, especially for highly sensitive litigation, opposition, and patent acquisition cases. It is conducted to invalidate or revoke a pre-registered/ granted patent claim. The study aims to unearth prior conception, which was probably neglected during the prosecution stage.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced patent analysts assists our clients in validating the legitimacy of the claims and refuting the statements generated for an infringed patent. Our patent invalidation research comprises deep recognition of innovation references published before the earliest filing of the patent.

Why is Patent Invalidation Study Imperative?

  • To check the potency of a granted patent.
  • To assess the validity of an established patent.
  • To validate the enforceability of the claims and invalidate the statements of infringed patents.


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