PC Choice – Virus Removing services in Wynnum


We have been a family owned business since 2004 and have store located in Wynnum Plaza shopping centre.We are a specialist computer retail store and strive to provide the highest quality products with a friendly service in everything IT. We can do anything and everything here at PC Choice, from diagnosing your machine to building you a new one and of course everything in between! We have had years of experience in all the fields and can assist you with anything you need! Over the years both stores have gained high praise and a strong reputation within the communities.Your wallet is another concern for us! Don’t worry, we are very affordable and comfortably competitive with each and every product of ours!In the end our main purpose is to supply you with an outstanding friendly service so that you get the best out of your device, which ever it may be. 

Website: pc-choice.com.au/

Onsite Repairs for Laptop Wynnum for PC-Choice



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