Personalized Frequency Immunotherapy


Minda’s Personalized frequency immunotherapy helps to understand and take full control of your health by understanding your voice and brain frequencies pattern with the world’s most comprehensive Vocal Frequency Analyzer so you can make informed decisions about your health with full confidence. 

Minda’s is a ground-breaking artificial intelligence (AI) based voice healthcare screening online software that turns your smartphone into an AI-powered health screening gadget. Millions of people commend Minda’s for offering a prompt, cost-free option that individuals can utilize right now to address their mental health. The straightforward process of Minda’s online vocal health screening study eliminates the need for blood, needles, or even saliva in order to monitor your overall health. 

With their cutting-edge future technology, which combines big data and AI for accurate results, patient-friendly screening reports, and vocal biomarker technology for identifying health status through voice frequencies. In just 3 minutes, Minda’s voice biomarker technology can assess your current state of health. With simple-to-read test reports, it analyzes emotional imbalances and how the brain manages the process of treating neurological diseases that cause physiological dysfunctions so that you are absolutely sure about your health. 



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