Personalized Lanyards for Schools


Personalized lanyards for schools are a popular and practical solution for keeping track of student and faculty identification and security. These customized lanyards, which feature a student’s name,  school logo and ID card, provide an easy and efficient way to identify students and staff members while they are on campus.

One of the main benefits of personalized lanyards for schools is that they promote a sense of community and belonging among students. By wearing a lanyard that displays their school’s logo and name, students can feel a sense of pride and ownership in their school. This can also be beneficial for promoting school spirit and fostering a positive school culture.

Personalized lanyards are also a practical solution for student security. With a visible ID card, school staff and security can easily identify students, who belong on the campus. This helps to prevent unauthorized visitors from entering the school, and can also be used to track attendance, and access to certain areas of the school.

Furthermore, personalized lanyards are a cost-effective solution for student identification. Instead of purchasing costly ID cards, schools can simply print students’ names and ID numbers on lanyards, which can be reused each year. This can save schools a significant



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