Personalized Woven Lanyards in Ireland


This product is made from a material that many people will be familiar with as it is so similar to Fabric wristbands, personalized woven lanyards are made using the same strands of thread all weaved together. Many people consider fabric lanyards to be the best value type of product available in Ireland as they are extremely long lasting and can last months or even years without needing to be replaced. The production process entails the design of the lanyard to be woven directly onto the material using a number of coloured threads. The process is repeated until the design is complete and gives the lanyard the feel of a lightweight but slightly textured feel when worn.

A woven lanyard can best be described as a thick or heavy piece of clothing with embroidery such as a polo shirt or baseball cap. The production process finally brings about a top quality lanyard which can be used in a washing machine and still retain its shape and also colours. One of the limitations of fabric lanyards is that they can only produce simple designs with only a few coloured threads being able to combine on the finished product.


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