Pilot Freeze Dryer with 20kg Capacity


Product Name: Pilot Freeze Dryer with 20kg Capacity

Company Name: Shenyang Aero Space Xinyang Quick Freezing Equip. Manuf. Co., Ltd

Address: No.1, Yangshan Rd, Huanggu Dist. Shenyang

Description: Lab scale freeze dryer or Pilot freeze dryer is used for sample test and freeze drying processing research, it can be use all kinds of field, incldue food, meat, vegetables, fruit, pet food, herbs, sea food, etc. of course, it can be used for chemical field, too. Such as aerogel, Insulation brick, firebrick, battery and so on. Our lab scale freeze dryers have been exported to more than 20 countries, they are popular to all customers, some lyophilizer are used for processing research in university, institute department.

Contact: Johnxu

Telphone: 86-024-86525079

Fax: 86-024-86520145

Email: [email protected]

Company Website: http://www.chinafreezedryer.com


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