Plain Lanyards in Ireland – Plain Polyester


Due to the nature of the product, customized lanyards have a minimum of 7 days production time due to the initial setup involved together with the manufacturing process. When organising a conference we understand that there will be more pressing matters then ordering lanyards! As such we have many customers requiring the product with urgent deadlines. While we do our best to produce the fastest lanyards in Ireland, sometimes the only option are plain lanyards. To ensure we are able to assist customers with next day lanyards we hold over 2,000 plain units in stock, ready to be sent out via our express courier service.

As the most popular product on the market, our plain polyester lanyards are made from the highest quality material and include a metal clip and safety breakaway meaning they are flexible and can be used in a variety of different settings such as trade fairs or office use. The safety breakaway ensures the safety of the wearer in case the lanyard is caught and the metal clip allows a number of items to be attached to the product including name badges or ID cards.



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