Plastic Packaging Industry Service from IEBS


An integrated plastic packaging industry observed that in their operations in the Western European region, every time an innovation project was implemented, there were issues with misalignment in expectations, poor visibility of project progress, and friction between teams. This caused disappointment with results in terms of underperforming innovation products.

Business Objective

The Client wanted our support in designing their innovation funnel/model for new product launches and technology acquisition with a critical focus on packaging innovation, sustainability, and a circular economy. They have developed an innovative materials & production method that can replace single-use plastic at a lower cost.


The implementation approach began with the engagement by acquiring an in-depth understanding of the company’s innovation reality, leveraging the framework. This helped us understand the context and prioritize the main gaps, and challenges, which were complemented by external benchmarks.

  • In the next step, a “war room” was launched for discussing and designing an innovative model with all relevant areas and stakeholders involved. We mutually used an iterative approach to test the innovation model in a controlled market before rolling it out to the Western European region


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