Pneumatic powder delivery pump-lower ash discharge


Product Name: Pneumatic powder delivery pump-lower ash discharge

Company Name: Xiamen Cafu Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Address: No.117, Feng shan yi li, Tong ‘an District, Xiamen,Fujian,China.

Description: Dense phase pneumatic conveying pump is an advanced positive pressure dense phase conveying system, which has the characteristics of low flow speed, small pipeline wear, low energy consumption and low operating cost. Through PLC touch screen, automatic control operation, with a good ratio of gas and powder, the longest conveying length of 1500 meters. The operation of the equipment has no pollution, environmental protection and energy saving. The equipment is widely used in coal ash transportation, cement raw material transportation, limestone powder and other dry ash materials transportation in thermal power plants.Positive pressure dense phase silo pump conveying system, can choose the upper part of the silo to spray ash according to the working condition, also can use the lower part of the chamber to spray ash structure. We can design the system structure reasonably and provide the most reasonable equipment configuration according to the actual situation of users. In the system configuration, we will use reasonable wear-resistant elbow design, and the key node wear-resistant gate valve selection, and the use of simple and convenient system control procedures, so that customers in the installation, debugging, use and maintenance process easier to operate.

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