Polyester vs Nylon Lanyard – Which is Better?


Lanyards are commonly seen in the office and school settings, where they are used to carry identification cards and proximity cards. Lanyards are also common at trade shows, conventions, conferences, and other similar events, adorned with the organiser’s and participants’ names, logos, and mottos. In this article we will take a look at Polyester vs Nylon Lanyard.

Lanyard: What is it?

A lanyard is a cloth necklace made from a soft material such as polyester, plastic, or cotton. It has a clip or attachment at the bottom that holds keys, ID badges, and other small items like USB drives and flashlights. 

Lanyards are a relatively new invention, given these various modern applications. Lanyards appear to have been used as early as the 15th century by the French military, who attached them semi-permanently to their uniforms so soldiers could carry essentials such as whistles and guns. The word “lanyard” comes from the Old French word lanière, which means “to strap.” 

Polyester lanyards: what are they?

Polyester lanyards are highly recommended for custom lanyards due to their durability. The matt finish with a silkscreen or lithographic printed method allows for multiple colour transfers without fading or rubbing off. 

In addition to being the most cost-effective choice for those on a low budget. 



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