Postbiotics – An Emerging Trend in Functional Food And Beverages


Our intestines are sterile when we are born, but due to mother’s milk and tongue exploration, our intestines are quickly colonised by microorganisms that ferment vitamins and produce vital bioactive substances that regulate our body structure and metabolism. The human body coexists with these naturally occurring, health-promoting microbes. To put it another way, they live in our gut while we reap the benefits of their presence and by-products. Medicines, stress, nutrition, and sickness can all have a negative impact on the gut microbiota’s natural population. Several independent research groups found decades ago that it is possible to repopulate the intestinal flora with diet. Probiotics and prebiotics were discovered here first, and postbiotics are now known to play a vital role as well.

Postbiotics: The Endgame of Probiotics?

By altering the gut microbiome, probiotics offer various health benefits; nevertheless, techno-functional restrictions such as viability controls have hindered their full potential usage in the food and beverage industries. As a result, the focus is changing away from viable probiotic bacteria to non-viable para-probiotics and/or biomolecules derived from probiotics, also known as postbiotics. Para-probiotic and postbiotic are emerging concepts in the functional foods sector, because they offer a variety of health-promoting qualities.


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