Powerbank for Mobile Car Wash | Fortador


Professional generator for car detailing cleaners clean and sanitize in smaller spaces and rooms with limited ventilation. You will also clean and sanitize in different types of businesses, such as a day care facility. In these types of situations, some people may be concerned about exhaust. The Fortador Powerbank produces zero exhaust fumes for a clean-air solution on all job sites. You are free to clean.

While in the field on job sites, you need a reliable battery. Fortador uses a high-capacity AGM battery in the Powerbank. AGM batteries are known for being high-quality and delivering optimal capacity in a large range of temperatures.The AGM battery is durable and resistant to shocks. This adds to their dependability that is needed in the field. They charge well and hold the charge you expect in the field. They are engineered for a slow discharge rate so you will not waste a lot of energy if you leave one plugged in.



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