Precautions during pig manure fermentation


The fertilizer production line of commercial organic fertilizer: organic material inoculation fermentation (pre-fermentation), main fermentation, crushing, compounding and mixing, drying, granulation, cooling, screening, metering packaging and other processes. Fermentation is the first step in the production of organic fertilizers, because livestock manure and straw are pure organic fertilizers without any treatment or when they are decomposed and fermented. Direct use will cause problems such as lack of oxygen in the soil, breeding of diseases and insect pests, slow fertilizer efficiency, and burning seedlings during fermentation.

Fermentation cycle: After the pig manure, auxiliary materials, and inoculation materials are mixed in the tank, the pile is turned over for the first time with a compost turning machine, which is recorded as the start time of the fermentation cycle. Generally, after a heating period of 3 to 4 days (5 to 7 days in winter), it enters the high temperature fermentation stage. Taking temperature as the standard, when the temperature of the pile body exceeds 60-70°C and remains for more than 24 hours, the pile can be turned over, and the number of pile turns varies with the seasons.


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