Preschool in Sompura | Montessori School in Sompura


Cherubs Montessori is the No. 1 Preschool in Sompura. Your child will receive great early childhood education from us. Harvest Cherubs’ Montessori method is intended to help children grow by allowing them to explore their surroundings. Our prepared surroundings are carefully intended to foster your child’s natural desire to learn by providing an opportunity for them to pick from a variety of purposeful activities to work on. Cherubs Montessori School in Sompura believes in empowering each child to find and realise their full potential. We assist students in developing tailored learning strategies based on their interests and skills. As the best Montessori school in Sompura, our creative curriculum adheres to the Montessori philosophy and is supplemented by our own digital lesson preparation tool. Enrol now!



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