Process conditions for making organic fertilizer by composting chicken manure?

Using fertilizer manufacturing equipment to convert chicken manure into organic fertilizer is the main method to effectively treat chicken manure. Now, aerobic fermentation is common.
• Suitable raw materials and excipients.
When chicken manure is used as raw material, it is advisable to ensure that the ratio of chicken manure to auxiliary materials is 3:1. In addition, dry straw, corn stalks, fallen leaves, soybean stems and other organic matter can also be used as auxiliary materials to adjust C/N.
• Proper material humidity and fermentation temperature.
In addition to adjusting C/N, it is also necessary to ensure that the material has a suitable fermentation humidity. The most suitable humidity for microbial fermentation is 50%-60%. If the humidity is too high, there is a higher chance of non-fermentation.
During the fermentation of chicken manure, the fermentation temperature will affect the activity of bacteria. So you need to control the right temperature. And in the actual production process, the fermentation temperature will be affected by the season to a certain extent. In summer, the temperature is high. In order to maintain a suitable temperature, the frequency of turning over is relatively increased.


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