Process design and equipment composition of small npk fertilizer production line


The fertilizer production line is to be designed and used to produce the npk compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer.So how many process is to be designed by theĀ fertilizer machine manufacturers?The npk fertilizer production line is to be designed for producing the npk fertilizer,so there we share the npk fertilizer manufacturing process in this article.
1.Compounding process:The operator shall add various raw materials such as N,P,K and additives to the elettronic belt weigher in strict accordance with the requirement of the technician of each kind of raw material addition amount.The addition process of raw materials requires that the raw materials shall be powder or granular without caking,and the materials flow shall be uniform,and the operation shall not be interrupted from time to time.
2.Comminution process of compound fertizer:Accprding to the design requirements,the mixed fertilizer is transported to the raw material crusher for raw material crushing,the purpose is to crush all kinds of raw materials to a certain fineness,basically making the particle size of raw materials less than 1mm,which is conducive to the rolling of materials into standard balls in the granulator.

3.Granulation process of compound fertilizer:In theĀ <a title=”npk fertilizer production line”


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