Process flow equipment configuration of 5000t/a organic fertilizer production line


Process flow equipment configuration of 5000t/a organic fertilizer production line

The production process of organic fertilizer granulator is mainly to prepare round organic fertilizer by screening, magnetic separation, granulation and drying of organic waste with water content of about 30% – 35% after fermentation and ripening, adding functional bacteria to produce biological organic fertilizer, adding nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (total nutrient content is less than 15%) to produce organic and inorganic fertilizer

After magnetic separation and screening of the fermented organic waste, the raw materials with the binder and other ingredients to be compatible shall be metered and batched according to the proportion requirements, and then lifted to the multi-dimensional high-efficiency mixer by the bucket elevator for rapid mixing, and the fully mixed materials shall be slipped out into the mixing silo, and then uniformly and continuously fed into the extrusion granulator by the disc feeder to form columnar particles; The cylindrical particles are polished and shaped into spherical particles by the round particle polishing and shaping machine, and sent to the drying, cooling and screening machine (three-in-one model) by the belt conveyor. The particles are dried at low temperature and large air volume (≤ 65 ℃) in the front



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