Process flow of sheep manure organic fertilizer production line


Process flow of sheep manureĀ organic fertilizer production line

The sheep dung is mainly produced by tank aerobic fermentation, which is a common method to treat sheep dung at present. It is also suitable for the commercial production of sheep dung organic fertilizer, and is conducive to standardized production. Sheep dung urine is rich in nutrients, which can be easily decomposed into effective nutrients that can be absorbed and used by crops, as well as slow nutrients that are not easy to decompose. It is a good fertilizer combining fast and slow fertilizer efficiency. The content of organic matter in sheep manure is 24% – 27%, nitrogen content is 0.7% – 0.8%, phosphorus content is 0.45% – 0.6%, potassium content is 0.3% – 0.6%, organic matter content in sheep urine is 5%, nitrogen content is 1.3% – 1.4%, phosphorus content is low, potassium content is very rich, up to 2.1% – 2.3%.

  1. Mix sheep dung with a proper amount of straw powder. The amount of mixing depends on the water content of sheep dung. Generally, 45% of the water content is required for fermentation. That is to say, knead it into a ball by


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