Process introduction and operation method of mixer in npk fertilizer production line


The mixer is used for mixing and mixing materials to realize the balanced collocation of different raw materials. In the fertilizer production line, the thoroughly mixed materials can be granulated by the fertilizer granulator.

The fertilizer mixer should be equipped with secondary leakage protection device. After the power supply is connected, it must pass the test run without load before it can be used. During the commissioning of the mixer, it is necessary to check whether the speed of the mixing drum is appropriate. In general, the speed of the empty car is slightly faster than that of the truck (after loading). If there is a large difference, the ratio of the driving wheel and the driving wheel should be adjusted.

Uses and characteristics of fertilizer mixer:

The mixing equipment is mainly used for the mixing of raw materials. The Huaqiang mixer disc is lined with polypropylene or stainless steel, so it is not easy to stick to the material. Wear-resistant, the use of cycloid reducer has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient operation, uniform mixing, convenient unloading and conveying. The disc mixer adopts polypropylene plate lining or stainless steel plate, so it is not easy



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