Process introduction of small cow manure organic fertilizer production line


There are many kinds of organic fertilizer products, among which bio organic fertilizer is a relatively high-grade fertilizer. The production process of bio organic fertilizer with livestock manure is slightly different from that of other fertilizers. The purpose of this process is to protect the microbial bacteria in the process of fertilizer production. The following is a brief description of the production process of this fertilizer with various raw materials.

Production technology of chicken manure organic fertilizer
The moisture content of chicken manure is high, and the processing flow of chicken manure fertilizer production line is applicable to other animal manure treatment. In the first stage of fermentation, excessive moisture content of the material used for fermentation is not feasible, which requires dehydration treatment. Chicken manure dehydrator can be used to dry and wet separation of solid feces, and then fermented and decomposed.
Production process of biogas residue organic fertilizer
Biogas residue is the residue remaining after the production of biogas from livestock and poultry manure, and is a good raw material for the production of microbial organic fertilizer. Although anaerobic fermentation has been carried out, in order to achieve complete harmlessness, it is best to continue to



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