Process of organic fertilizer production line for sludge and feces treatment


Fertilizer based on waste and bio organic residues. Its types are: domestic garbage; Domestic sewage; Abattoir waste; Marine fertilizer (local fertilizer consisting of animals, plants or minerals in coastal areas). Organic fertilizer contains a large amount of nutrients required by plants, providing a mild and lasting nutrient supply for plants, and has long-term aftereffects. Organic fertilizer also contains a variety of trace elements. Because all kinds of nutrient elements in organic fertilizer are complete, and these substances are completely non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free natural substances, this provides the necessary conditions for the production of high-yield, high-quality, pollution-free green food. Organic fertilizer contains many kinds of sugars, and the application of organic fertilizer increases many kinds of sugars in the soil. With the large amount of energy released by the degradation of sugar and organic matter, there is energy for the growth, development and reproduction of soil microorganisms.

Ten processes of sludge organic fertilizer production line

1、 Stack the strips on the ground, use the ground stacker, or put the materials into the fermentation tank, and use the trough dumper

2、 Evenly spray the organic fertilizer starter, turn over and ferment, to achieve the purpose of



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