Production difficulties of organic fertilizer equipment and how to select the site


Production difficulties of organic fertilizer equipment and how to select the site

The application of organic fertilizer production line is now very common, and the effect of organic fertilizer is also very recognized. The organic fertilizer processing equipment has a set of production processes, and there are many details to be dealt with. How to do these details well and then make organic fertilizer? How to choose the investment site?

First of all, in terms of storage, machinery maintenance, public works and living facilities, we need to select regions with good cooperation requirements in terms of raw materials, fuel supply and commodity sales. The organic fertilizer equipment plant should also be close to water, with good water quality and sufficient power supply. The factory should pay attention to saving land, not occupying or less cultivated land, and the conditions such as the size and shape of the factory should conform to the scientifically arranged technological process, and reposition the appropriate R&D room. The factory should pay attention to the local natural environmental conditions, conduct pre-assessment after putting into operation, and select the production area of the factory and the construction site of the residential area. Select the area with



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