Purchasing Needles Or Syringes: A Buying Guide


When purchasing membrane filters or syringe filters, it is critical to know which one you require. Is the syringe with the needle being used for intradermal injections, intramuscular injections, or subcutaneous injections? Each form of injection requires a distinct needle gauge and needle length. The selection criteria for purchasing a syringe and needle are listed below.


  • The syringe size is determined by the amount of medication to be delivered.
  • The syringe hub is determined by the type of needle hub utilized. (Catheter Tip, Luer Lock, Slip Tip, Eccentric Tip)
  • The needle gauge is determined by the viscosity of the drug.
  • The needle gauge and length are determined by the injection site.
  • Before you go shopping, be sure you know what you want!



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