Purified Emulsifier Service from IEBS


A leading player in ingredient space currently sells unpurified form of emulsifier in a variety of application including paints and inks, latex production, and agrochemical solutions. However, purity of emulsifier under surface-active membrane lipid class become critical for the applications such as pharmaceutical, personal care, dietary supplement, F&B, others.

Business Objective

The Client wanted our support in assessing technology and competitive scenario in area of purified emulsifier under surface-active membrane lipid class (e.g. lecithin / phospholipids, and ceramides; and liposomes and lipid nanoparticles utilizing these for delivery system) for the above-stated applications.


  • The implementation approach began with analysis of traditional and latest emulsifier ingredients having purity level in the range of 50-100%, their grades, safety and application areas.
  • Regulatory trend analysis (region-wise approvals vs purity vs application area)
  • Evaluation of developers of promising/novel emulsifier ingredients and benchmark them to identify top competitors

Client’s success details

This engagement helped the Client to understand the technology and competitive scenario in purified emulsifier of surface-active membrane lipid class. The following benefits and outcomes were delivered to the Client:

  • Helped the client by providing a comprehensive overview on various products utilizing specific ingredients under lecithin/ phospholipid and ceramides categories.
  • Helped the client in shortlisting key products based on features such as encapsulation, organic,


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