Rapid application of new organic fertilizer granulator


Organic fertilizer equipment is a popular mechanical equipment in the domestic market at present. With the rapid development of foreign science and technology, the reform and update of domestic organic fertilizer equipment are also very rapid, otherwise it will not keep pace with the international pace. Among these organic fertilizer equipment, which granulator equipment? Among them, on the basis of absorbing, digesting and utilizing the principles of advanced granulators at home and abroad, the bio organic fertilizer spherical granulator has overcome the problems of high temperature sterilization and drying of fertilizers after repeated tests and development.

The development of a new type of organic fertilizer granulator has the characteristics of reasonable design, simple structure, high temperature resistance, bacteria resistance, and smooth particles, thus ending the history of organic fertilizer development. Because organic fertilizer particles are easy to loosen, it is not easy to form balls, and the particles obtained are low in moisture content and dry.

The room temperature rolling granulator without drying and secondary forming is adopted, which has the advantages of less investment, fast effect and good economic benefits. The complete set of equipment is compact, scientific and reasonable in layout, advanced in



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