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Following the unimaginable success of the Corporation of Islamabad, the development and renewal of its satellite in Lahore is often disrupted. The lahore smart city located near Mission Hoop Avenue and the center of Kala Shah Kaku, was developed with the help of Habib Rafiq PVT. Ltd. Placing other than this in a. The Smart City of Lahore is still a little more modern and inefficient in understanding, but the game has a big impact on overcoming the limited potential given by the schedule. There is no doubt that the reality of Habiba Rafiq PVT remains. SRO – Strong associations that can pay the popularity of smart city capital. Many organizational support has moved the company in this business effort in this alliance. The smart city of Lahore seems to have found its territory as one of the most sophisticated entertainment venues in the world, Lahore. A larger sharp guide to Lahore shows that the office is being monitored near Lahore Ring Road which is famous for the convergence of Mehmood Booti. The proximity of the wheeled paths shows that it is wiser in the city to see these endless organizations operating near



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