Reasons for wear of organic fertilizer granulator and precautions


At present, the role of bio fertilizer granulating extruder in fertilizer treatment inevitably exists equipment pressure in the wear process of bio fertilizer granulating extruder. How to start from multiple wear causes and consider corresponding measures? The roller extruder is mainly aimed at dry powder materials. Due to the different hardness of materials, uneven force will be generated during extrusion and rounding, thus increasing the wear of roller skin. How to solve such problems?

In terms of different material factors, since the surface of the bio fertilizer granulator is friction material and direct force, when the roller surface is worn, the friction and back pressure of the material cannot be ignored. This force requires higher quality roller skin, lower quality wear rate and lower quality wear rate. If the feeding is uneven, the center of the parallel rod axis of the bio fertilizer granulator is parallel to the surface of the roll sheet. The feeding at one end and the feeding at the other end will cause uneven force at both ends of the roll, thus increasing the friction between the roll and the material, resulting in wear of the roll.

As the roll cover of



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