Robot Operated Cell Factory Equipment


Product Name: Robot Operated Cell Factory Equipment

Company Name: Shenyang Great Elites Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

Address: Shenyang International Software Park, Hunnan District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China

Description: Robot operated cell factory equipment is used the aseptic robot to positioning and grasping of the cell factory. The equipment shakes greatly, the operation process is flexible, the shaking frequency is high, and the cell collection rate is improved. At the same time, the environmental pollution coefficient is reduced´╝îa large number of manual work is reduced, the consistency of robot operation is ensured, and the uniformity and stability of products are ensured.

Contact: Joyce.Li

Telphone: 86-+86024-4000247977

Fax: 86-024-4000247977

Email: [email protected]

Company Website:


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