Role of BNPL in B2B Payments


Companies that offer Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) services are revolutionizing how

consumers shop for goods. Historically, consumers had access to EMIs and other financing

options like credit cards. 


 Prospects of b2b BNPL payments

There has been much discussion regarding BNPL’s potential in the B2B market. Such

multinational corporations as Apruve and Slope are investigating this market.

To modify the way financing is done in the market, a B2B vendor will need to consider several

things and address them one at a time. Their business might change, which would be a strong


If implemented correctly, it might even compel credit card issuers to lower their rates, which

would have a ripple effect on the payments industry. 

It is amazing to think about where the BNPL space is going. Vendors and service providers are

already benefiting from the widespread usage of BNPL in the global B2C market. If they want to

genuinely disrupt the payments industry and bring about a constructive change from the status

quo, they still have a long way to go. 







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