Round Brilliant Cut Diamond: Facts To Remember


Buying a diamond is no easy task. You have to be careful about checking the Cs closely regardless of investing in an item of jewelry or loose diamonds. Yes! You get to view multiple shapes when you are eager to focus on their appearance primarily. The round brilliant cut diamond is definite to capture your attention instantly. There are varied reasons behind it. It is a traditional cut that has remained undiminished to this day as well. Check with the retail stores specializing in diamond jewelry, and you will be happy to note that the round cut is considered the most popular with its demand remaining high for ages. It is astonishing to learn that 75% of all diamond sales at present are with the aid of round-cut diamonds of varying sizes and clarity. 

While that takes care of the shape, the dazzling effect of the round-cut diamond depends on its brilliance. It is achieved by creating 58 distinct facets on the surface of the diamond that includes the culet. The maximum amount of light is reflected via the facets creating a dazzling appearance.



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