Russia Ukraine War Updates: There is danger of World War | Best Solution


Russia Ukraine War News Update: Highlights

Ukrainian Air Defense Destroyed

Russia Attacks 74 Military Bases

Red Army captured the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant

137 Ukrainian civilians and 50 Soldiers killed

Russia’s attack may become a door to third world war

Putin’s move surprised world community

PM Modi and President Putin talked amid war

Russia Ukraine War News Updates: What happened exactly

Since Thursday morning, Russia has launched a tremendous air raid in many areas of Ukraine. Ukraine has suffered heavy losses in these attacks. Russia claims it has destroyed 74 Ukrainian military bases. Apart from this, the air defense of Ukraine has been destroyed. The Russian army also shot down an attack helicopter from Ukraine.



So far 137 Ukrainian civilians have died in this fighting. At the same time, the Ukrainian army has also destroyed many Russian aircraft. The war

News Source: SA News Chanel


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