Seed Treatment

Grow One is a powerful yet organic seed treatment product that helps the seeds lose their dormancy faster than untreated ones.
This product contains microbial extracts that promote suitable soil conditions for the seeds to start growing and give a good jumpstart.
Grow One acts on seed coats so that they sprout faster.
The beneficial coating of this product creates a healthy environment denying disease causing microbes to establish themselves.
This is important for preventing root rot / wilt disease.
The good microbes are also stimulated to become a part of the soil environment.
All this helps germination and early vigour in crops:
a) better root development
b) better shoot development
c) better leaf development

Why to Apply Grow One as seed treatment?

Soil may have billions & billions of bacteria in them but this product has good microbes and their extracts and they are in proximity of seeds right from time of planting.
Hence a favourable environment is created right from day 0 for the seed to break dormancy and grow with vigour.


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