Several methods of processing fertilizer in chicken manure organic fertilizer production line


Chicken manure should be treated by organic fertilizer production line before use, in order to better play the role of nutrition. There are many ways to treat chicken manure. Here are several ways to treat chicken manure organic fertilizer.

Treatment of chicken manure
1.Use a dryer to dry chicken manure.
2. In traditional fermentation (open air), it usually takes 1-3 months to reach maturity. The odor around it is bad, and there are a lot of mosquitoes and flies breeding around it. The environmental pollution is very serious.
3. Fertilizer production lines make organic fertilizer or feed. Using professional organic fertilizer equipment to treat chicken manure, adding specific microbial flora during fermentation can effectively promote the degradation of organic matter, accelerate the rate of chicken manure decomposition, and help to eliminate odorous substances and reduce environmental pollution.

Benefits of chicken manure treatment in organic fertilizer production line

We have many years of experience in manufacturing organic fertilizer production line, producing rotary drum granulator, disc granulator machine, flat die pelleting machine, organic fertilizer granulator, etc. Bacteria, filamentous fungi, yeasts and actinomycetes play a key role in the microbial agents for chicken manure fermentation, including cellulose decomposing bacteria, protein decomposing



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