Sip sip Hurray! Enjoy Your Favorite Drink with Sendgifts


Imagine having a tough day at work, the only good thing you’re looking forward to is that glass of liquor you’re going to enjoy with your dinner. But then you suddenly remember that you’ve finished your bottle. Great! Now you have to make another stop between you and rest. Don’t put yourself through that, just order a bottle of liquor online and get it delivered at your doorstep the same day as well.


Sendgifts will be your Online Liquor Delivery Service of Choice. No having to run to the store every time. We have a wide selection of alcohol such as Beer, Wine, Gin, Liquor and more! We will help you chose the right alcohol gift and ensure its delivery is timely. 

Place your order now and get super-fast online alcohol delivery right to your door.



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