Small organic fertilizer production line for treatment of livestock manure


Small-scale organic fertilizer production line is mainly used for livestock manure organic fertilizer processing production line project. It is characterized by low overall investment price, low cost and low technical requirements, which is suitable for large-scale planting and breeding enterprises and small fertilizer plants.

Finally, according to the desired form of organic fertilizer, it can be divided into powder organic fertilizer and granular organic fertilizer. Different forms of fertilizer require different production line equipment. Because the configuration, specification and required equipment of organic fertilizer production line are different, the price will also affect the quotation.

The production of powdery organic fertilizer is based on the fine crushing treatment after the fermentation of organic fertilizer. The required equipment: fermentation tipper, forklift silo, semi-wet material crusher, drum screening machine, automatic packaging scale. The price of the smallest powdered organic fertilizer production equipment is about 100000 yuan.

At present, the production process of granular organic fertilizer is the most complex, and it is also based on the continuous fermentation process and the wages of powdered organic fertilizer. Therefore, the equipment required is also relatively comprehensive, including fermentation tipper, forklift silo, semi-wet material crusher, horizontal mixer, stirrer granulator, rotary



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